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Connecting CO2 Tanks to Incubators

Retrieving CO2 Tanks

  1. Order "Industrial Grade Carbon Dioxide, 50 Pound Cylinder, CGA-320" from Airgas (Airgas Part# CD 50) via MDS.

  2. CO2 cylinders are chained to the wall in the dock of Hanson. Use a gurney to safely transport the cylinder to the elevator up to the second floor to the incubators in Room 223. Do not forget to chain the cylinders back to the wall when you are done removing your cylinder.

  3. Chain the CO2 cylinder to the wall next to the incubators.

Connecting the CO2 Tank to the Pressure Regulator

  1. Attach the regulator to the cylinder with the use of the small white washer (Part# RAD64003940) to create a seal between the regulator and the cylinder. Tighten the inlet nut securely with pliers.

  2. Close the regulator by turning the adjusting knob (the one with the big arrow) to the full counter-clockwise position. The regulator must be closed before opening the cylinder valve.

  3. Open the cylinder valve slowly to allow the pressure to rise gradually in the regulator. When the high-pressure gauge stops rising, open the cylinder valve fully.

  4. Adjust the pressure by turning the adjusting knob clockwise until the low-pressure gauge shows the required output pressure. Input pressure to the incubators must be maintained at 15 psi.

  5. Ensure there are no leaks in the connection between the regulator and the cylinder by pipetting ~100 μL of soapy water around the connection. If bubbles start forming, there is a leak. Close the cylinder valve and unscrew the inlet connection. Try forming a tighter seal with the washer and the regulator connection.

  6. The incubator has serrated fittings on the back of the cabinet to connect the gas supply. Ensure the regulator has tubing running to the fitting labeled "CO2 inlet #1 tank".

Removing a CO2 Tank from the Regulator

  1. Close the cylinder valve to isolate the regulator from the pressure source.

  2. Vent the gases in the regulator by turning the adjusting knob clockwise and noting the pressure drop on the output gauge.

  3. After relieving the gas pressure, turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise as far as possible.

  4. Disconnect and remove the cylinder from the regulator.