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If you're new to git and/or version control, the first step is to learn what exactly we're talking about when we use these terms. There is no need for this resource to reinvent the wheel, so please check out the tutorials from the following sources: HubSpot, GitHub, and Broman Tutorial.

Create an account at and join the Zamanian Lab Github organization.

Though GitHub is primarily used for software development, there are in fact many other such use cases. The Zamanian Lab uses GitHub in the following ways:

  1. Code development: i.e. RNA-seq pipelines, image processing, and other bioinformatics or machine learning pipelines. Server-related files, including submission scripts and Docker environments.

  2. Open source publications: - Every publication coming out of our lab will have an associated GitHub repo that includes the data and code used to create all the manuscript figures, allowing reviewers and readers to reproduce all analyses (Example).

  3. Websites: Postdocs and senior graduate students often develop a personal website as a companion to a CV, and many labs/PIs have their own website for improved visibility. See our lab website (GitHub Repo) or Nic's website (GitHub Repo) for examples. This documentation website is also hosted and deployed via GitHub.