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BSC (Biosafety Cabinet) Operation

  1. Press the blower button to turn the BSC “on” and open the sash to the proper indicated level (red arrows on the side).

  2. Leave the sash open and the blower on for 5 minutes before beginning work to allow the BSC to purge any particulates. Keep blower on for the entire time the BSC is on and being used.

  3. Use 70% ethanol to disinfect the work surface of the BSC and all containers, equipment, etc. that is being used.

  4. When working in the BSC, move arms in and out slowly, make slow movements inside the cabinet as to not disrupt the airflow.

  5. Perform all operations at least 4 inches from the front grill on the work surface.

  6. The workflow inside the cabinet should be from “clean” materials to “dirty” (contaminated). Minimize movement of dirty items over clean ones.

  7. Anything going inside the BSC should be decontaminated with 70% ethanol.

  8. Any time gloves are taken out of the BSC, they must be sprayed with ethanol before going back inside.

  9. When finished, decontaminate all surfaces and materials with 70% ethanol, any waste should also be decontaminated and placed in biohazard bin.

  10. Close the sash, turn off the blower, then press and hold the UV light button for a few second until it beeps. This should turn on the UV light for ~20 minutes (be careful with the UV light when others are present in the room).