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Shipping Biomaterials from Hanson

  1. Acquire the shipment materials (dry ice sticker, plastic FedEx envelope for holding shipping labels) from Linda Gauer in Room 108.

  2. If dry ice is needed, acquire the dry ice from the dock on the first floor and weigh the amount of ice (in kg) using the scale in Room 108 or in the Bartholomay lab. Include this measurement on the dry ice sticker.

  3. Put the dry ice in a polystyrene box with the sample tubes. Tape the polystyrene box closed and place the box in a cardboard box of similar size. Affix the dry ice sticker to the outside of the cardboard box.

  4. Weigh the entire package and measure the dimensions (width, length, height).

  5. Login to the Zamanian Lab FedEx account. Choose Shipping > Create a Shipment.

  6. Fill out the relevant details. Include the package weight and dimensions in the "Package & Shipment Details" section. You may also schedule a pickup from Hanson. If so, put "Hanson Building" in the line for Address 2 of the Pickup Address section and "Room 108" in "Location of packages or special instructions" of Package Information.

  7. Print 3 copies of the shipping label. Fold the labels according to the printed instructions and slip them into the FedEx envelope.

  8. Take the package to Room 108. Tape the box closed using the packaging tape stored in the gray drawer labeled "Tape." Affix the FedEx envelope to the top of the package.

  9. Leave the package on the front desk next to the basket for outgoing mail.