Neglected Tropical Disease Lab

Department of Pathobiological Sciences

Lab News

    Aug 2017  Alexis joins the lab as an Honorary Research Associate
    Aug 2017  Contribution to Nature Communications paper on the genetics of a phoretic behavior
    Jul 2017  Bethani joins the lab as an MS student
    Jul 2017  Divyaa starts PhD program at Florida State University
    May 2017  Nic joins the lab as a Merck Postdoc Fellow
    May 2017  Justice joins the lab as an Undergrad Lab Assistant
    Mar 2017  Lab receives NIH/NIAID K22 Phase II Award
    Feb 2017  Divyaa joins the lab as a joint Research Intern
    Feb 2017  Eric joins as an Undergraduate Researcher
    Feb 2017  Troy joins the lab as a Research Specialist
    Jan 2017  The lab officially opens!