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Data Storage

Box (Small Data)

Small data (e.g., tabular data from various instruments) will be stored on Box in the Data folder. All data (large and small) will be processed using local or server pipelines to produce small outputs (or subsets of outputs) that should be stored on Box for downstream analysis and plotting. Box will be backed up to ResearchDrive once every three months.

UW ResearchDrive (Large Data)

Large data (e.g., sequencing and imaging) will be stored on ResearchDrive, which provides 15 TB (expandable) of secure storage with off-site backup. Lab members will have access to the lab ResearchDrive using their UW net-id and password. Our sequencing data from the BRC is automatically moved into ResearchDrive. General instructions on how to connect to and transfer data in and out of ResearchDrive are provided here. Data will be transferred from ResearchDrive to the CHTC for pipeline-based processing. Outputs will be transferred from the CHTC back to ResearchDrive for long-term storage. Subsets of outputs will be transferred into our lab Box account for post-processing, analysis and plotting. The current ResearchDrive directory structure is shown below:

├── ImageXpress/ (or /WormViz, /i3x ...etc)
|   └── raw/                              [Raw exported data]
|   └── metadata/                         [Experiment metadata]    
|   └── proc/                             [CHTC-processed data]
├── UWBC-Dropbox/                         [Auto-deposited data from the UWBC]
|   └── Bioinformatics Resource Center/   [Sequencing Data]
|   └── DNA Sequencing Sanger/            [Sanger Data]
├── Box/                                  [Box backup]
└── External/                             [External data]

Instructions can be found for connecting to and transferring files in and out of ResearchDrive. Files can be transferred into the mounted ResearchDrive using a number of approaches, including simple drag-and-drop or command-line rsync or cp.

Example on a Mac OS X system:

Finder > Go > "Connect to server... >

rsync -rltv ~/Desktop/Data/[dir] /Volumes/mzamanian/ImageXpress/raw/

SVM L Drive (UW SVM)

To connect to the lab L Drive Mac OS X system follow the instructions below and login with your UW net-id and password.

Finder > Go > "Connect to server... >

BRC (UW Biotech Center)

Sequencing data generated by the UW Biotechnology Center is delivered to the BRC servers. These data can be accessed in numerous ways. Our sequencing data are auto-deposited into ResearchDrive and so directly accessing these files may not be necessary.

Redundant Storage

Computers connected to instruments (e.g., imagers and plate readers) will also have physical hard-drives attached to backup all outputs from those instruments, as a secondary backup for ResearchDrive.