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Editing or Adding New Documentation

  1. Install MkDocs and the Material theme

    conda install -c conda-forge mkdocs

    conda install -c conda-forge mkdocs-material

  2. Clone the ZamanianLabDocs repo:

    git clone

  3. Create and edit a Markdown file

    • Use previous documentation as a guide
    • Save in /docs/ with the .md extension
      • NOTE: if adding/editing a protocol, make a new folder /docs/protocols titled {protocol_name} (without the {}); if adding images, make a new folder called img in /docs/protocols/{protocol_name}
    • Use the cheatsheet for reference
    • Use an online editor (like this one) or use Atom combined with the Markdown Preview Plus extension
  4. Push to GitHub

  5. Build and deploy site

    mkdocs build && mkdocs gh-deploy

  6. Optional: before deploying with gh-deploy, view the site locally with mkdocs serve and copy/paste into your browser

  7. After deploying, check to ensure everything deployed as expected by visiting