Positions We are interested in recruiting undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs who share our scientific curiosity and interests.

Undergraduates: please e-mail the PI with your resume and a paragraph describing your academic trajectory and your specific interest in our lab. Hourly (work-study), research credit, and other arrangements will be considered. Undergraduates should be willing to devote a minimum of 10 hours a week during the semester. Students will also be encouraged to apply for summer research scholarships.

Graduate Students: prospective graduate students should seek admissions to one of the graduate programs for which the PI serves as a trainer. These currently include the Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBMS) Graduate Program, the Cellular and Molecular Pathology (CMP) Graduate Training Program, and the Bacteriology MS Degree Program. Students may be eligible for financial support through various mechanisms, including through the Parasitology and Vector Biology Training Program.

Postdocs: please contact the PI directly with your CV and a brief description of project(s) you would like to pursue in our lab. Prospective postdocs are strongly encouraged to seek out potential sources of fellowship funding.

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